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Whissonsett in 2006

Whissonsett has about the same population of 450 as it had 100 years ago.

In 1901 eighty per cent of the houses were rented properties and apart from two railway men everyone worked in the village. A few people owned horse drawn vehicles or bicycles. The rest had to walk.

Over 100 people worked on the land.

There were 239 children under the age of 16.

Of the 450 parishoners, 334 were born in Whissonsett and only 27 were not born in Norfolk. How things have changed!

Popular names included Edith, Gertrude, Maud, Ethel, Hilda, Blanche, Sidney, Albert Arthur, Herbert, Percy and Cecil.

In 2006 Whissonsett had three arable farms, a chicken farm, a few sheep, pigs, chickens and riding horses.

There was a Post Office Stores (now closed).

Many of the old barns and farm buildings have been converted into homes. The school, the pubs, the chapels, the shops are all private houses.

The council houses which replaced some of the very old cottages are now mostly privately owned.

The butcher, the baker, the blacksmith, the harness maker and all those who over the centuries made Whissonsett village have long gone but they are not forgotten.

Now and again, if you are very lucky and live where once they lived you may catch a glimpse or hear a sound of Whissonsett past.


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