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Sports & Pastimes

As people became more educated they were no longer content with just the daily grind.

The Odd Fellows had a large number of members who met in the Swan club room until the landlord put up the rent. They bought themselves the Odd Fellows Hut which was put to good use as a village meeting place for all kinds of entertainments.

The Whissonsett Young Farmers Club began in 1944. They formed a concert party which put on shows and pantomimes all around the local villages. It later became the North Elmham Young Farmers and 2004 saw the Diamond Anniversary celebration.

Under the guidance of Mr. Hayes the school master, the village produced formidable football and cricket teams. The Cricket Club was started in 1919 and carried on until 1965. The girls were not forgotten, they played netball and stoolball.

Mr. Hayes and the allotment holders started up the Horticultural Society and the ‘garden boys’ from the school won many prizes at the annual shows with the vegetables from the school allotments. The Shows, with sports, a fete and an evening dance, were held on the Rectory meadow and lawn. The cup given by Mr. Hayes in 1932 is still awarded at the Horticultural Show.

The Whissonsett Small Holders’ Credit Society was set up after the 1914-18 War to provide pieces of land on which people could keep stock or fowls and grow fruit and vegetables to help feed their families. There were 30 members with Sir R.Winfrey M.P. as the President and Mr. Sidney Stangroom was the vice president.

The Whissonsett Scout and Guide Troops were set up by Miss Audrey Buxton in 1909 and she carried on in charge until her death at the age of 77. Generations of boys and girls remembered Miss Buxton with great affection.

The Whissonsett and Horningtoft W.I.was formed in 1935 and the ladies are still going strong, having celebrated their seventieth birthday.

From 1949 to 1952 the Whissonsett Cycle Speedway was very popular. The track was in the old gravel pit in Mill Lane. Large crowds turned up on Sunday mornings to watch the Whissonsett Diamonds riding against teams from Beetley, Mileham and the Helhoughton Angels.
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