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In 1874 the village school opened in Whissonsett.

The children of the better off folk received their education from governesses and tutors at home, at ‘dame’ schools or boarding schools.

There were at least three boarding schools in the village, at Rose Cottage, above the High Street Store and at the Rectory.

Children from Horningtoft, Oxwick and Pattersley were registered to attend Whissonsett school and in 1874 there were 174 names on the register.

Mr and Mrs Blake were appointed as teachers at a joint salary of £100 a year. They were followed in 1880 by Mr and Mrs Bailley, and in 1891 by Mr and Mrs. Brown.

Many children began working at the age of ten or were needed at home to help look after younger brothers and sisters. The fees of 2d. for the first child and 1d. for the rest was often beyond the means of their parents. Many just preferred to be free and not to sit in school all day.

In 1891 attendance at school became compulsory and the salaries of the teaching staff depended on the numbers on the attendance registers. An attendance officer, James Thing, was appointed to round up errant pupils.

In 1896 Mr and Mrs Garner were the teachers. In 1901 Mr and Mrs Francis, with Miss Louisa Bateson who had joined the staff in 1885, at a salary of £40 a year began to get some order into the school.

In 1914 Mr and Mrs Charles Hayes were appointed and the excellent reputation of Whissonsett school grew until Mr. Hayes retired in 1943. Miss Bateson retired in 1929 after 44 years.

In 1961 all the pupils over 11 went to Litcham school.

Mr. Thatcher was the head master from 1949 to 1969 when there were 40 children on the register.

The school closed in 1993 when there were only 13 pupils left.

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