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Whissonsett 100 Club

The hundred club is usually drawn on the last Tuesday of a month at the indoor bowls club.   The prize winners are published in the Wensum Diary and on the notice board at the village hall, and the cash prizes are distributed.


However, from March this year we are suspending the draw until it is safe to meet up and draw the numbers.  Therefore March, April, May and June will not be drawn; June being the last month of the 100 Club of the financial year.  The investment is reserved for this purpose only by the Treasurer of the village hall and we look forward to resuming the 100 club draw as soon as it is safe to do so. 


Many thanks for your understanding.  

Caroline Wilson

The 100 Club is a small lottery run in accordance with the terms and conditions of section 5 of the Gambling Act 2005 for the benefit of village funds.  


Each member will pay £1 per month for each month -  just £12 per year.

There are normally four prizes per month and a special bonus paid in December.   

New members are always welcome.  


Please give me a call:

Mrs Caroline Wilson  01328 700665

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